EZ-EFI Retro-fit Complete Kits

 These are retro-fit kits that will replace your existing fuel injected engine with the EZ-EFI electronics & an MSD E-Curve distributor or compatible distributor. Your engine must already have fuel injection on it, some example are (but not limited to) a Chevy TPI w/ a stock ECU in a street rod or custom, SB or BB Chevy Ramjet system w/ GM non adjustable ECU & a Ford 5.0L Mustang engine in a street rod or custom. Fuel system must be a return type system with a vacuum referenced regulator & will NOT work on a returnless style fuel system. A returnless style fuel system can be converted to a return system with additional parts available from us.

 Chevy Setup

302000 FAST EZ-EFI Retro-fit Kit  $874.95

8394 MSD E-Curve Distributor   $384.95

 Notes: Must be replacing an existing external coil system.
If replacing a large cap HEI with internal coil, a coil would need to be purchased as well. Existing spark plug wires can be used as long as they have HEI style distributor boots. Depending on throttle body being used TPS & IAC wire adapters might be needed if you have a round plug TPS and/or a flat 4 wire IAC plug of which are available from us please ask one our sales reps.


Ford SB Setup

302000 FAST EZ-EFI Retro-fit Kit  $874.95

307003 FAST GM Coolant Temp Senso  $23.95

307004 FAST GM Air Temp Sensor  $44.95

307007 FAST GM 1 Bar Map Sensor  $59.95

3FWP IC 3 Wire Weather Pack Connector for TPS  $4.95

IC002 IC IAC Adapter Kit, Ford T/B  $224.95

8503 MSD 289,302 E-Curve Distributor  $384.95

 Notes: Must be using a short deck SB Ford, i.e. 289/302.

Going from Carbs to Fuel Injection in a weekend was never so easy.
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 These are only a few of the most popular applications for this system.
If you have a different application please contact us and we will custom build a system based on your combo & needs.