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2011 Keystone Big Show Camaro SS Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Project

This is the "2011 Keystone Big Show Camaro SS Project" that Injection Connection was asked to build for their upcoming promotions.

Edelbrock contacted Keystone Automotive and asked if they could recommend a local shop in the PA area to build a Project Car. After a some talks with both parties Keystone called on Injection Connection to do the build and we couldn't be happier to apply our expertise to such a great project.

We started off with our black widow camshaft that we use in all of our TVS blower packages along with a full comp cams valvetrain upgrade. We then added a set of borla long tube headers, flowmaster exhaust, driveshaft shop axles & driveshaft, custom fuel system, larger injectors and a EDELBROCK E-FORCE SUPERCHARGER along with Edelbrock's new cold air kit designed for the e-force supercharger.

The interesting part of the build was our involvement at the KEYSTONE BIG SHOW, we were asked to install the E-FORCE SUPERCHARGER LIVE at the show and started the camaro for all of the vendors, sponsors and people that attended.

We are now finishing up the camaro, so stay tuned for the upcoming video and dyno results in early April. We would like to thank Keystone Automotive and Edelbrock Corporation for allowing us to do this build and look forward to another project with them soon.

Dale Cherry and the guys at Injection Connection

Hank Mann's 2009 Corvette Lingenfelter
We just finished a 2009 Cirvette ZR1, the car was only showing 990 miles on it since being bought in 2009 and after talking to the customer we decided to do the Lingenfelter 710HP Package which consists of a bigger cold air kit, thermostat, smaller supercharger pulley and larger blower inlet. In stock form the car made 560RWHP, once we finished the car along with our custom tuning via efi live we ended up with 685RWHP. This car has alot more power along with great drivability and Hank was very happy with the outcome.

David Floyds Procharged 1998 Corvette
Dave brought us his 1998 Corvette and wee discussed the best setup for the project. We came up with a very streetable package. Dave decided on a 7lb  Procharger Kit, Kooks Longtube Headers with Hi-Flow Cats, Custom Fuel System and Magnaflow Axleback Exhaust. We went right to the dyno and recorded 320RWHP, Dave had a cold air on the car and tune. We then added the Supercharger, Headers, Fuel System and Exhaust and went back to the dyno for final tuning. Results after our tuning using EFI LIVE we recorded 506RWHP. Dave was very excited and picked the car up a week later. The best part was seeing his face after driving the car for a few days. He said he couldn't believe the power or how drivable his corvette was and couldn't be happier with the results.

Dean Weitzmans 790HP 2010 ZR1 Corvette
Dean brought us his 2010 Corvette ZR1 for a blower upgrade and exhaust.
We are direct with Lingenfelter and decided on their 710HP Package which modifies the factory blower snout, a smaller pulley and stronger idler assembly. We also added the specific cold air package, 160 thermostat  developed for their 710HP kit. We added Kooks Longtube Headers with Hi-Flow Cats and Corsa Touring Axleback. Baseline tuning recorded 590RWHP. We then install the 710HP kit along with tuning the ZR1 on our Dynocom Dyno, results were 685RWHP which equates to 790HP. We have transformed Deans ZR1 into a true super car. The ZR1 will now break the tires loose at 100MPH.


Bill Caum's 2010 Convertible Corvette  "Black Widow Package"
Bill had a 1955 Chevy back in the day and liked the new corvette so much that he just had to have one. He brought the car over to us and we discussed our BLACK WIDOW PACKAGE, which is a supercharge package that we developed in house.  Bill asked if we could set the car up with all parts required minus the EDELBROCK E-FORCE Supercharger Kit because he wanted to add that a later date. We then went to work adding our black widow package which consists of : our custom cam, complete valve train, headers, exhaust and custom in-house tuning.

Bills car made 475RW after this and was all set for the E-Force kit. Bill then contacted us in Nov. and asked if we could install the supercharger for him and finish the project by Dec.  We then added a fuel pump controller for added fuel delivery and a set of larger injectors along with the E-Force Supercharger Kit. We just finished and wanted our customers to see the full BLACK WIDOW PACKAGE on a C6 Corvette. Now the full Black Widow Package is completed!

This is a very clean setup with an o.e.m. look to it, once tuning was completed the car ended up with 631RWHP/627RWTQ. The best part of our kit is that it is very streetable with no loss in drivable with lots and lots of horsepower and serious low end torque.  


John Pizzileo's 2004 CTSV "Black Widow Package"
Here is our Black Widow Package we performed on John Pizzileo's CTSV. It consists of a Custom 1 Off TVS2300, Mast Motorsports LS3 Heads, Black Widow Camshaft, Custom Fuel System and BMR Suspension. The car is a rocket and is making 605RWHP,handles like its on rails and has excellent road feel. One things for sure, "THIS AIN'T YOUR DADDY'S CADDY."


Anthony Antinucci's 2010 Camaro SS
We started out with a Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger then added a set of JBA Hi-Flow Cat Pipes, Hushpower Axleback and Hurst Short Throw Shifter. Anthony was looking for something that would maintain total street ability but with a lot more power. This setup does exactly what he wants with just a hint of snarl from the exhaust, the shifter throws are 40% shorter and precise and the E-Force supercharger pins you in the seat with just a push of the pedal. Anthony couldn't be happier with the final results which were 520RWHP and we look forward to seeing him at upcoming car shows and cruise nights.


Harold Bennett's 2010 Camaro SS
Harold brought us his Camaro for a Vortech Supercharger install and we put together an nice street package for him including the Hurst Shifter, Raptor Shift Lite and Magnaflow Competition Axleback. The car is a beast now at 558RWHP and can break the tires loose in 3rd gear and we couldn't be happier with the fit and finish of the whole package.

Brian Campbell's 2008 Pro-charged Challenger SRT/8
Here is Brian Campbell's SRT8 Challenger that we just Pro-charged using a ATI Procharger running 6lbs of boost.
We also installed American Racing Headers, Hi-Flow Cats and a Magnaflow Competition Series Catback .
The car sounds amazing and made 558RWHP on our DynoCom Dynometer.


Mike Ellis's 402 Inch Powered LS2 Miata
Here is Mike Ellis's 402 inch powered LS2 Miata Injection Connection built for road racing. Mike is an accomplished road racer, motorcycle racer and came to us for a stroker build for his Miata. We didn't disappoint Mike as the car has parts from Comp, SLP, Manley, Dart, Callies just to name a few. It's backed by a Ram twin disc 6sp and a Cobra 8.8 rear-end. The Engine Management is controlled by BS3 and tuned by us for maximum power. Mike says the car will break the tires loose at 95 mph.
Mike now has a wicked fast 540RWHP road racer to attack those pesky Corvettes,M3's and Porsche Carrerra's.

Jeff Mallozzi 2010 Magnacharged Camaro SS
Here is Jeff's 2010 Camaro SS.
 It has the TVS2300 7lb kit along with American Racing Headers, Comp Blower Cam and Valvetrain, ADM Cold Air, Kenne-Bell boost-a-pump and Magnaflow Catback.

The car made 400RWHP before the install and after the install and custom tuning provide by us we had a 610RWHP Monster.
Jeff says the car is blast to drive and he couldn't be happier.




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