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Dynocom   DC-2400X 2400+ HP/ 250 MPH 
DC-2400X series offers the best horsepower and speed ratings in a compact unit. Consisting of twin 36" diameter wide rolls. The DC 2400X series is perfect for diesel, high torque and high speed applications. The DC 2400X comes standard with our X Factor Knurling option which provides the highest traction over all other competitors. The DC 2400 is easily the world's best engineered dynamometer as the eddy brake sits directly on the shaft between the two rolls - no need to couple with a belt or universal joint all power is directly transferred from the wheels to the load cell.

The DC 2400X series is not only designed for ultra-high horsepower vehicles but provides the utmost in accuracy and repeatability for all testing scenarios -drag strip, steady state, acceleration and coast-down tests. Large roll dyno's offer minimal tire deformation and maximum contact patch area providing repeatability and accuracy from test to test.
** New, Dynocom has developed the largest, strongest and highest holding eddy brake option in the world. This new more powerful eddy brake can absorbed an additional 750 hp. Unmatched in the dynamometer industries this option is ideal for high horsepower drag cars.

      Our shop's dyno record is currently a 1809 rwhp Twin Turbo Outlaw 10.5 Lincoln driven by TJ KASPER